The Spy SS21 is your entry into the “Spy Boats Family” with its CAD design hull sharing the same foot print as the XS21, its performance is un-matched. Its sharp looks and ergonomically designed interior gives it the appearance of a boat twice its price.

The SS21 is a true “Cross Over” boat with a wake to keep everyone happy, slalom skier, barefoot, wakeboarder or wakesurfer. It is a six seater, however with the SS21V open bow option, this boat becomes an eight seater.

The SS21 is fast onto the plane and has a super smooth slalom wake, if you want to run the course or have a fun slalom down the lake. 

     - Overall Length: 21'   6.5m
     - Beam: 7'    2.1m
     - Seating: 6 to 8 People
     - Fuel Capacity: 135 Litres

Graphics & Colours     
     - No cost option    
     - See gallery for available designs

All Spy Boats come fitted with Mercruiser engine and Easytow Trailers as standard