The Spy Boats Australia range of boats is a comprehensive range of family ski and wake boats. There is seven boats in the range.

Starting with the Spy SS21, this boat is a great family ski and wake boat with an open bow version, the SS21V. The Spy TS21 is a full competition slalom boat that offers a world class tournament wake. The Spy XS21 is a true cross over boat with the performance wake for skiing, barefooting, wakeboarding and surfing.

The Spy TS22 is the big brother of the TS21, offering a true world class ski wake. The Spy XS22 is a big 12 seater crossover boat with unmatched performance, a ski behind or a drive will make you a true Spy believer.

Then we have the Spy RX22, winner of the “Australian ski Boat of the Year”. This boat is a big 12 seater rearmount and does the lot, world class ski wake, super flat barefoot wake, fantastic wakeboard wake and a surf wake to give endless fun for the family. We then go to the Spy RS22, the performance family cruiser of the range for a super ride in first class. Spy Boats have the boat in its range for your family.