SPY BOATS is the joint venture between skiboat specialist Peter Webb’s Performance Marine and multi- award winning boat builder Whittley Marine.

Jake Whittley’s JW Marine is the fibreglass specialist who takes care of the building fibreglass construction and quality control of all Spy boats.

The Australian designed and built, Spy boats was launched in 2007 and has been a winner with all its models with the Australian boating public. Spy Boats won the prestigious “Ski Boat of the Year” at the AMIF (Australian Marine Industry Federation) awards. This is the third “Ski Boat of the Year” award won by Performance Marine.

The winning Spy Boats combination of Performance Marine, Whittley Marine and JW Marine gives Spy Boats a mixture of design and engineering capabilities unmatched in the skiboat market.

Spy Boats are the only Australian skiboat design using industry leading CAD technology.  The Spy team have created seven different model ski boats. Automotive design cues and the latest marine engineering technology have been integrated to give the boats a high tech edge in both their sharp styling and sophisticated construction.

Spy Boats, with all its emphasis on family skiboats, create boats with the perfect wake for all facets of waterskiing: - slalom skiing, barefooting, wakeboarding and wake surfing.

Remember Spy Boats are “Licenced to Thrill”